All things coffee

So here it is a Thursday at the noon hour. I run into a friend outside of a bk in town who just so happens to give me $10 bucks to get some coffee and a burger with ( she is a sweetheart) to wake up to. I know that I am getting a late start on the day. It’s just that I would rather go back to sleep and never wake up if I had my way. Coffee helps to wake me up some (not fully unfortunately) to where I can function half way at least. I’m missing my mom this morning and not sure of what I can do? It’s been a year (Feb. 1st will be one year) now since she went a way. I don’t want to admit it though. There are just too many strange,odd things that tell me differently when it concerns my mom. I miss her so very much! I remember the times growing up when I would end up getting her her morning coffee. Dang I miss those days that so quickly passed both of us by. When will this deception,lies,etc. Be done to where I can somehow manage in my weak state of being to move on? It’s fucked up that I never asked for any of the shit that has crossed my path over the course of the last few years to come my way causing grief, heartache,loss and very hard feelings amongst other things that a person has brought about to have happen to and in my life. Just go drink a million cups of coffee until you either choke on it or your health takes a big hit from drinking so much coffee. Either way these fucks ( they know who they are!) need to leave me and my life alone! Just cuz you get the authority and permission to intimidate,harrass,surveil,etc. does not make it or you right! That does not mean either that you tell a person to ” prove it!” either. You are a fuck (s) who get their rocks off on things like this! As someone I sort of know has said ” that’s fucked up and you are fucked up!” End of story.

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