R.I.P. Betty white and The Golden Girls

I started watching this show back I believe somewhere in my 20’s. At first I was not sure of what really to think of a show that had four women who were up there in years making jokes at each other (especially when it came to rose)? I found with each episode that I watched that it was a homey,good natured sort of show that had you feel that you were as a viewer of the show a part of their family and that they were a part of your family. I also found that I was a “drug addict” of the show. It was the only show on the airwaves that I could not get enough of. I had to watch it with every episode I could lay my eyes on. The show if it was possible ran through my veins through out my whole entire body. I just had to have and get my fix of the four ladies that were crude,rude and mildly raunchy. The show and the girls gave to me a whole new appreciation of what getting and becoming old were all about. I would be scared myself of becoming older in every which way normally. The girls showed to myself that I need not be afraid of old age as well that I could have fun in my old age just as they had done. It taught me the values and morals that they had when it came to having real actual friends that would stand by you especially in the hard times. It showed to me as well that you don’t have to be blood to be considered family to some people. It taught me that it really is ok to make a mistake just as long as you own up to that mistake no matter what. It showed me that I was not the only one out of the billions of people on planet earth that I was not alone when it came to having and experiencing hardships,problems and troubles in my life. Lastly it taught that friends can be friends for life and that we should cherish those times we have with those sorts of friends. Betty white was the stand out of the show as well as the last of the last to go from the show into the next life. She will be sorely missed in every possible way imaginable. With that being said I will end this post by saying this. These ladies were not only very talented in their acting. They also left a mark upon my heart and soul that will stay with me into the next life when I end up leaving this earth myself. Goodbye ladies you will not be soon forgotten. https://www.autostraddle.com/in-1986-golden-girls-created-the-most-enduring-lesbian-joke-on-television/?s=09

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