I want my life back!

This shit is just so unreal I will tell ya. My life has literally been stripped and forced out of my hands and pulled away from me. I don’t know what I can do to get it back either? Except speak the truth to others on matters. I feel the truth has been taken and covered up in an effort for two individuals to get one over on me destroying my entire world within it seems an instant. I never asked for any of what I have gone through and experienced to befall myself or my life. It was all done very quietly and secretively behind my back. Like telling a lie that you don’t want found out. I found it out though and what I found does not set well at all with me. There are situations and people in life that you can “let it,them,etc. go” as they would say. That’s just the thing though it is not a matter of letting it go for myself. It’s an issue where this shit will not let me go at any cost.

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