Crimes and abuse perpetrated against myself by a couple of individuals

It’s been a hard road for me to have gone thru as well as to be away from the circumstances, situations, people,etc.. it was never an easy one to go thru when you are and were being abused as well as having crimes committed against yourself only to not know the whole way thru things that you were intentionally and on purpose put through the ringer on things that you had not a clue for the longest time that you were even a part of being that things were done behind your back by people with whom did not in the least of ways have your best interest at heart one little bit. As well these individuals had Ill intentions for you from the start doing what they could do in order to bring forth an ending that they wanted to see happen and come about for you and your life. It’s an ending that will see you possibly in dire straights even losing your livelyhood at the same time. If that’s all it were then I would say that just about anyone could within a situation such as the one I can’t seem to walk away from. It’s something of the nature that with all the madness,craziness,law breaking,etc. that these individuals had done to myself it has come to my realization that things may not always be what they may seem to be. I have realized that most of everything was done from behind closed doors as well as swept underneath the carpet. I’m not sure as to how to go about finding out ways to actually bring forth and out the real truth of things? These individuals wanted to make sure that things and issues would take place at their choosing and bidding for one. For another they have and have had for quite some time had in mind an ending to things that they wanted to have come about and happen for myself and life. It’s fucked up to say the least in every which way imaginable. They had thru the course of a couple of years or so (give or take a year) managed to break me down in such ways that for one I did not seem to realize that alot of their mistreatment of myself was abuse that I didn’t recognize thru their abuse of myself. Their actions and behavior becoming more and more by the day abusive (even their words were in a subtle way at times abusive and in some cases criminal in every way) that was being done subtlety as well as being as covert,underhanded, etc as they could be. For myself I am very much so vunerable and susceptible to others treating myself in the poorest of ways. These individuals and their actions spoke louder and deeper than words could ever speak. They broke myself down so much so that in the back of my mind I knew for certain that what ever they had done to me and whatever they had planned for myself was bad in every which way known to myself or even God himself.They had put me thru so much that im not even sure if I can recall any of it all? I can in my own head now after a few years down the road and being to a small extent away from them and the rest of all the crap they had put myself thru to get what they wanted from these individuals in some sort of way. The whole way thru from the time I was nice enuff to them taking one into my household from off the streets to knowing one of them I thought was a friend towards myself. Their crappy behaviour I did not know at the time was really just real,true crappy behaviour of myself they perpetrated against myself with it all showing just how they were as people towards myself. Suffice to say they did not care on how horribly they were treating myself or think of the damage (especially long term) they were doing to me emotionally, physically,mentally or psychologically at any time thru their turning of myself into their little pawn in a dangerous game that they had been playing unbeknownst to myself for the longest time. It was a game that I would after quite some time I would barely come to the knowledge of it being played. Once I realized that a game of their making and doing was being played with myself being a game piece that they did not want myself knowing about let alone anyone else knowing about what all they were up to wether that was a friend,family member or aquaintance of mine that would quite possibly tip myself off to things that these individuals were up to. One of the individuals had among committing other acts of abuse against me had been bringing his drugs (that I did my best at keeping out) into my house that he did as well as would sell. There was a time where I was only trying to do my weed in my place that I had thanx to some individuals as well as a few local organizations within the community itself. Well the one pretending to parade himself around as my friend had through text with myself for half a day had let me understand that it did not matter what I had to say on the issue of not wanting into my place his drugs (mostly meth that he would bring in to do). He totally disregarded my wishes as he would continuously bring his bullshit drugs in to where things and issues led up to that text conversation I had had with him for that half day. He was smart though In the fact that unlike myself he had not made mention even in the slightest of ways of what his intentions really were. Not even what he had planned or even what his motives were. That’s the way he wanted things so that things would go in the direction of the way (s) he wanted,manipulated,controlled things in going. He was suffice to say after all unhappy with myself being that I had more than he actually had himself. After all I lived and obtained for myself a place for myself to live after being on the streets for quite a long time as well as having a beautiful girl on my arm at the same time that at the time lived with me (she was the one of whom I had pulled from the streets in the beginning of things). This guy I figure from early,early on did not like that and then some at all especially he probably thought when it came to myself with whom no doubt he has come to despise from over the years of him trying and damn near at times having myself sent up on charges,crimes that he would cook up on me while he went about (usually and from an early part of my life. He would seem to just pop up into my life from out of the blue and with no notice what so ever of any kind as to not have me take notice of him or his predatory ways in him trying to have accomplished his deceptive,controlling,manipulative ways in order to have me sent up the river to a place that I have tried my damnedest over the years to stay out of. I never had planned or even thought that I would land in such a place that housed the worst of the worst kinds of people. I never thought even in a million years that I would off and on from over the years (alot of it because of all the trauma this fuck has caused me over the years) be having to deal with in any kind of way an individual that for whatever fucked up reason this scum bag,drug dealing piece of crap had in his fucked up mind to try his best at having myself sent up. There usually was not a reason at all for anything of that nature happening to me to begin with from what others would tell me. I would normally under normal circumstances believe those people brushing off what this piece of garbage was trying to bring about for myself and life. That’s normally though. There was nothing normal at all with what he would set out to have accomplished of which yes he really could have it pulled off in having myself (since his attention has and is from over the years been focused on myself. I don’t doubt for one moment that once again he will not only try in this effort of his to have it pulled off and accomplished (this time especially I would say) in having come about all of what he wants to have come about for myself and life. He has along with this other individual managed to force issues as well as taking some situations concerning myself that they found out about forcing those issues out of my hands as well as one other person’s hands to where they have and get their ways and inch that much more closer to the ending of things that they want to see happen and take place in my life. Even with the issue of their being an ending to things that he brought about to take place and happen with the idea of forcing things to where if he thought for one moment it would not come about and transpire with the ending he wanted to have happen and see take place then hey he would force the issue making sure that he would get and bring about that ending that he so desperately wanted. All of this and then some being that himself or the one I put a roof over their head for the life of them did not and would not take responsibility for their actions, behaviour or wrong doing of any kind in which they would do their best to make sure that that responsibility that they should be taking upon their shoulders owning up to would if they had anything to do or say about things it would completely fall upon and rest upon my shoulders. This guy was just a piece of work in the worst of ways known or unknown to myself as to how he was as far as his making me out to be a target of his for his own personal pleasure targeting myself from way back. I remember these sorts of things and more about him being that I know him in much different ways than others might very well (truth be told) know him. In fact he does way more than just his own personal dirt that coming from someone else would not hurt anyone other than that very one doing their dirt. This guy is so much different and is such a predator that he goes beyond just doing his dirt. Even then though his predatory ways of myself and that he perpetrates upon myself goes unnoticed as well as his ways going unnoticed when someone would try to alert a person or people to himself and his ways. For the most part (though it’s just for show as well as another way for himself to cover up and get out of all the bad,evil, despicable things he does to a person (namely myself)and their life. He has no heart. He has no remorse. He has no bad feelings over the things he does and brings about in an individuals life just as long as he gets what he himself wants out of all the damage,chaos, confusion that he has created for you as well as lastly putting you and your life through as much hell,stress,anxiety,etc. that he can put you and your life through In order to have things, situations and out comes come about in his favor and to his benefit. Now it’s once again close to an ending (being that himself as well as the numerous people that he knows has forced this)…to be continued



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