Bitter cold

This winter weather is for the birds I tell ya! It’s not so bad when one has an actual place they call home. A place where not only can they be off,away from the world and people but they can be in a place of their own all warm and snug. We never think of those who are less unfortunate than we are in having all the “comforts of home” like we do. Oh,we think of them alright when it is convenient for us to think of them that is. I am just as guilty as the next person would be of that. There is just one thing in saying that for myself. I am homeless. There now that that’s out I will ask you the reader this one question. What was the first thought that came to your mind when I typed that I was homeless? I can see the answers coming in from all directions when it comes to answering that question. Here is another question for you. Would you ever invite a homeless person into your home having that person around you and your husband and kids even? The verdict would be a definite “NO” for alot of people. There would be those that would actually go through with it if you can imagine that taking place? It’s not always an issue of helping that individual survive even for that one day. It’s about the mind set of people. It’s their thought process. It’s their upbringing. It’s their intuition. Now one more question if you don’t mind? Do you see the homeless in a positive,good,well natured way or do you see them as somehow being lower in life and on the totem pole as you? Do you look disgusted at the way the are and dress? Do you find yourself having a very negative attitude towards the homeless or an individual homeless person? Tonight before you lay your head to that pillow upon that bed that you lay in tell yourself and God just how grateful you are that you have the privilege to have and keep what you do have. Tomorrow make yourself a promise too do one of two things or do both which are that you will do one kind act,gesture towards another who is less fortunate than you are. Then remind a person that their story,life and well being matter and should be voiced and heard by those who need to listen to the person. We need to believe that person. We need to stand by and stand up for that individual who has nothing. We need to be understanding of that individual and their plight. We need to help them any way that we are able to help them. We need to show the compassion. We need to show them caring. We need to show them love. We all are here to be of service in some kind of way when it comes to us interacting with others. We never know when that down and out person who is trying their best to survive if only it’s for One day. We need to come to reality and realize that that person could very well be us. We see the struggles of another becoming glad their struggles are not our struggles. We clear our consciousness from being in the wrong at all when it comes to how we may see and view another who is down on their luck and less fortunate than we are. Next time just let shit sink in when you see or come across someone who is less unfortunate than you. Try putting yourself in their shoes even if only for a day.

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