People are…

Well it’s that time again for another post from myself. I have been going thru something rough to say the least. my life was inadvertently turned upside down a few years back. I had gotten myself without knowing it around a couple of individuals who had just taken my generosity and caring to the extent that they took that using it to their benefit and turned it as well as other instances around on myself. These two (started off with three of them who were caught doing something within my house when I was not there. They turned the tables on myself and flipped and threw that table at myself) individuals as well as even the third one did not in any sort of way appreciate all of what I had done for them! They ended up putting myself thru and still are the worst nightmare that I have ever been thru in my life! They have been able and allowed to be given the right to upend my life in various ways. They have been getting to my private information. They have used my signature to have me followed as well as it allowing them to get to my personal info. They have been able to take my phones from me when I have been sound asleep (being that I keep my phones close to myself as I sleep it would have to be someone that felt comfortable enough with getting that close to myself). They have been following me around the town I am in making sure to stay off in the shadow of darkness ( I drew a couple of them out barely one night when they drive myself to a crisis unit where I sat outside the building with sleeping bag being that I was onto them and had noticed that they were staying off to the shadows and around building corners to where I could not see them) when supposedly they are off in another town. Now it’s all come to the point that they like it’s been for a good long while have been messing with my phones even remotely. It’s all been way too much for myself to handle. This all started a few years back when one of them had taken over my place without my knowledge as they went about doing things behind my back that directly and intentionally involved myself in some sort of way of which no one ( themselves or the people that they had gone to) is talking! They found out about other information concerning myself that they should not been privy to! Oh,they also have three crooked,dirty cops as well who have given these ppl the right and privilege to do all of this to myself every since these three individuals were caught in my house doing their bullshit dope!! The cops let them take a situation that should have been my responsibility to deal with and have them turn the tables on me. The cops came to my doorstep after they were caught by others! The cops let this happen with them (no matter who had actually caught them) doing and getting away with more and more of their crimes,abuse,etc. Of myself and against me! Too be continued

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