Out with it already

I’ve been debating on an issue of mine that is of quite importance to myself. I need/want to know if I should put out a story of sorts. It’s more that the whole entire situation is vitally important in the sense that I have been in and still am in a really fucked up position. Now I’m the first one to lay blame where blame lies. Wether that blame should fall upon my shoulders or another individuals shoulders? I guess you would not truly know until you knew the full scope of the situation at hand. I have wondered to myself If it’s even worth putting the story up on social media to begin with? It’s a story that most definitely needs to be heard. It’s a story that not only needs to be heard in it’s entirety it as well a story that needs to be put out there so that no future harm can be done to myself or life. This story is gaslighting,bullying,etc. At it’s finest. They way these individuals went about breaking an individual down is just so insanely nuts…

This story I have been trying to get out for quite a while. I need people to believe in me. To believe what I tell them as far as it all coming to the truth of matters.

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