Another long night

Well it is already 1:17 a.m. on a Morning “it’s morning already” you say? Well for your info it is still a Saturday night for myself. I seem to have gotten myself somehow mixed up in this loop of trouble and danger that no matter what I do or say it just is not good enough in the end of things. Oh yes there is an end to things just as though there is a beginning to things as well. Some might call it going from point A to point B. Call it what you may it is just that alot of times we as people do not see it always as everything in life having a beginning and an ending. We just see life alot of times in our own little ways with our own little minds and viewpoints that we miss the mark entirely. We see life as we want to see it in whatever way (s) that may be. We don’t always see the bigger picture of things. We get so caught up with what’s going on around us that we don’t see those things that are right there before our two eyes. It’s not rocket science or at least I would hope that it wasn’t. doesn’t take a genius to figure out and know that with a person’s birth then right there you have a beginning. Then on the other end of that spectrum you have death of which is final in every way imaginable. Death is the ending to whatever life that that person had lived. It is the grand finale of all grand finale’s. So, just how is it that the in-between is a thing even. The focus I think and feel should as it always should be on there being a beginning and ending and not so much to the in-between stuff. The in-between stuff is just that…stuff. it’s no bigger stuff than your stuff over there and even if it is well then my stuff is more important than your stuff takes precedents. It’s a messed up world that we are in. I almost feel like in the making of us as humans God gave Satan one or two of us to assemble on his own (hey why not have God,Satan,minions and angels all have their action dolls time.) In hopes Satan would stay on God’s side if he had the patience,love,caring,etc. that God has for each one of his children. God hoped Satan would follow his and the angels sides in the quest of world domination. Satan immediately saw an open opportunity presenting itself to him in the form of an earthling. “Hey, wait a minute here” Satan would go on to think for a moment. “Why does God here get to make all the decisions? Is he the only powerful being here in the vastness of the heavens or is there two of us?” God gave Satan those “humans to put “together” as to show Satan the real reason for why and how God can make the claim that he loves (quite literally as well) each and every one of us humans. We just have to accept and acknowledge that love that he has for us. Who else is after all going to get you and help you thru the in-between stuff and then help you into the next life. I think it’s a little humorous to have come across (back when I studied different kinds of religions thru and thru) all these religions of man and find that they must like to bicker and argue just to bicker and argue. Especially when It comes to one issue that it seems no one can get right which is what to call the one that we as individuals and human beings call our master or God? Jesus is another name. Just as yeshua is yet still another name. Whatever you may call him just know that it does not matter so much in what you call that higher power as much as it is important to know that there is some type of higher power up there somewhere. I mean we did not just come into being. Just as I am not some push over (ok I am a push over big time I must say but that’s beside the point) I as well do not take shit either (that’s if it is recognizable and noticed) from anyone if that’s what’s on the agenda. I will if I feel that I have to for some reason unseen and unbeknownst to myself will stand there yelling and screaming your neck off if I feel that it will help in some way no matter how small of a way. There is always a beginning and an ending to everything right? Well the ending would probably go something like that incident taking place and then me,myself and I ending up in the (though it’s only jail of which I don’t consider jail to be the big house) Big House. Well remember that whole bit of the in-between stuff? It seems that the in-between stuff does not even matter if and when we focus on the beginning and the ending of things. I think our focus will be so much better when we focus on those two things concerning life and more to the point our own lives. Jesus does not want us to focus on all the bickering and fighting that goes on in different types of religions. He wanted us to see and recognize that though there may be a beginning and an ending there is also a much better life than the ones we have now just on the other side of that planet way out there in the vastness of space. He wanted us to know that all this in-between stuff was just temporary rap that was unesscesary to begin with. He wanted us to know this one thing concerning all the religions out there. That is that being that each and every religion out there believes in a higher power and you call that higher power what you want and then bicker about who is right and who is wrong? We all fail to see that we all call that higher power of ours various names of which it does not matter so much as to what we call him as much as it is important that we recognize that we all worship a higher power of some sort. There must be horror of an all horrors only one real higher power then right? Am I right?

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