My account (rather side) of things

I believe in being honest and telling the truth in all ways. I don’t believe that one should with intent or otherwise ever feel the need to sneak around doing things behind a person’s back. I believe in right and wrong as well as the repercussions that may come with that. If you are doing wrong along with trying to yourself prove someone else to be in the wrong then you are doubally in the wrong. These individuals were and are definitely in the wrong on every level and in every way. There is no other words for these individuals and what all they have managed to do as well as bring about into and onto another person’s life. This is up to you the reader to form your own conclusion as to what’s important and what’s not important. It is a plea of being desperate as well as out of options with no where and no one to turn to in a very much important issue that has come to my immediate attention. It is more an issue of others who connived,weaseled,threatened,coerced and bullied their way into what they wanted from me all along…too be continued


I went all in for this girl that I had seen across North avenue that day. To myself she looked amazing in every way possible. I’m not quite sure what it was exactly that saw myself crossing in the middle of this busy intersection other than the girl? Getting over to her it seemed as though I was meeting her for the first time in my whole entire life ( the dejavu had not started kicking in at this point that would come at a later time) right then. It seemed odd to myself that I seemed to know things about this amazingly beautiful girl that I was standing in front of. As far as I was concerned it didn’t matter to me if it was the first time in meeting her or the fourth time. What mattered was what was below the surface of things when it came to this girl? That was the question of the hour though I did not pay it much mind at the time. Now I wish that my gut instincts would have kicked in alot sooner. All the way thru the passage of things, incidents and situations my gut instincts along with everything else was knocked so far out into left field that you can’t even find the damn ball for starters. Then wonder of all wonders she starts coming by my place that I was and had been living at for a little bit before meeting this girl. That’s when things started becoming bad and I do mean very bad for myself (I just did not know how bad was all?) concerning those things that had started to be said and take place before my very own two eyes. The abuse ( mostly gaslighting though I would call it something different being that the words being said were a of such a thing,issue and matter that it was not something that say like has already taken place. Nope not at all. Not with say the threat being made in the future tense of things that would come to happen. With that alone right there being one of the issues and problems. Others like to think of matters as if “ok well It hasn’t happened or even taken place as of yet so how could their possibly be anything wrong? You are doing all of what you need to do so why worry?” type of thinking.

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