The start of a week…oh nevermind honestly. Just the start and beginning of something very God awful bad I do believe. Such a god awful thing to things and matters that from day one It all has seemed to be forced of which it all has been forced by individuals who were out and up to no good when it comes to individuals of whom never asked for any of the shit that’s taken place.

That’s my new word (s) that I have taken myself to task as far as inserting the word’s “God awful” into my vocabulary. That is still putting things mildly and tame when it comes to all the terrible god awful people that I have come across over the course of my 40 something years of living upon this God awful planet amongst these God awful people that is known as the human race upon what we like to call and refer to this big spacious ball of a mess that we live upon as being planet earth. Why God himself thought that it would be a good idea (which he had to have thought that it was a good idea of his that he had to place all types of individuals upon the face of the planet. No matter how nice or bad any of those individuals were or even are. No matter or thought of God’s as far as anything within the future taking place that would have God himself thinking ” ok let’s see here we have all these individuals that I myself in all my mightiness have created and perfected in the most intimate of ways only known to myself being that I am God. the ones who are weak, vunerable, naieve,breakable,etc. here are the very ones that I am also putting them with and around those of who can and most certainly will prey upon them for if for no other reason other than to get one up on an individual and their life. Here I am God myself being a terrible god awful God that I am then I should not be putting these two different sets of people (individuals) around in any type of way,shape or form manner or way.” I guess God did not for some reason (specific even in every which way) or another take the time out of his busy schedule of creating the earth so that the people, individuals, creatures that he would come about in making and creating would be able to and for as long as their life spans were for themselves that those people ( no matter who they may be or are) would be able to live out their lives without fear, worry,etc.of what others were capable of doing let alone what they could,would and do In order to seek out their most inner most evil thoughts and ways of which being their victim,target you would never even have a hint of when it comes to individuals of this nature. They have not stopped or even lessened up on anything of what they have been and are bringing about within the parameters of the here and now and the future of things to come about for an individual (s) of whom never in a million years asked for any and all that has taken place for that individual and will continue to take place until it’s time for these individuals to perform and my very good guess would be to get away with a certain type of criminal act that is so over the top of shit that it is just all way too much to wrap ones head around to begin with. It’s all done off camera as well as I am sure many other ways that are unknown completely to quite a few individuals of whom if those individuals actually knew of the ways this in particular individual went about things fully then they could no doubt for starters have that individual own up to and take responsibility for their actions in the best of ways in having that issue and matter and individual dealt with to where that individual under no certain terms could weasel,snake,force, coerce,etc. their way out of the shit and they could finally be held accountable. With that especially being said as well one could and would hope that they could not hurt anyone else as well in the process of their fucked up, criminal,evil ways. That’s just it when it comes to these fucked up Individuals who think and believe that they can, could,would and possibly will get away with their shit unless people start to not only wake up but those very same individuals and even more people like them need to stop silencing others when those very individuals they have silenced quite very possibly may have a story that they want/need you to listen to but as well that individual of whom just poured their heart out to you in hopes of the issue, matter, situation or individual being resolved for the individual. Instead though just the opposite comes about to take place and happen of which is not known about until it *blam* right square in your face it will all hit from out of the blue type deal to where by that time nothing can be done about anything that took place at that very moment. Just like things would be if you for example took things to an individual that you were certain beyond a doubt could be used in an effort to help you out only to find that those very things are being brushed away and off of the very shoulders of which they for one should remain to stay upon no matter what.

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