You said what now???

It’s always people’s words that they say or don’t say that always gets me. I may not for example (which has happened to myself more times than I would like to admit) be able to (especially right off the bat) pick up right away on what an individual may mean when they make the comment of “I don’t have my happiness at this moment of which until the day comes that I do have my happiness back then pray tell just what is it mind you that I do in the mean time with myself until my happiness has fully returned to my life and self?” What is the person who ends up making this comment ends up saying that is their happiness? Well on the surface of things when it comes to that comment being made one would think up all sorts of things that the individual was referring to as being their happiness. It could be (again on the surface of things) anything from asking the individual what their hobbies are (possibly with the individual Naming off a couple of their hobbies to where if quick enough the individual may come to realize that those things they may do as a hobby are things that make them happy in doing to begin with which is a good thing you would think. It could also be that especially if you know some things about that individual that made the comment then you very well may know that in the individual making such a comment to another then really what the individual is saying or in this case is referring to is more specifically and quite possibly they are talking about another individual is or may be that individuals happiness. That’s where an individual not only should pay attention but that the individual should as well really listen to what that individual has just said along with the comment that was spoken. It’s important to listen with as much of an listening ear that one can have that would and should be attached to the sides of an individuals head as possible. To listen really well with as much intent that can be mustered up within yourself is a feat in and of itself to be accomplished. It’s not an easy task I will say to be a really good listener. Sure we all would like to think and will say of ourselves that listen and listen real good even. Do we really listen to the things that others say in every day life to where if necessary we can pick up on things that may spell danger for ourselves in some type of way. In each and every one of us on the face of the planet earth (except for a few hold outs that is I’m sure) are all good listeners (we may also for some of us be correct in saying that for ourselves as well) rather we all would like to think and believe that we are good listeners when the whole art form and performance of communication (which the past time of an individual (s) actually listening to another individual is an actual sort of lost art form that people never quite seem to manage to fully grasp or get down in life) of which entails,requires and asks to be a part of the whole communication side of things is an issue that falls flat upon an individual all the while trying to convince an individual of a lie that is perpetuated into becoming something of the nature that now that lie of saying that you are a good listener has not only you believing that you yourself is and are a good listener when that can’t be any more closer to it being from the actual, real truth of things. To be a good listener being that it’s a lost art form that I think was never actually found to begin with that it was just a matter of it being a form of an art type of thing. It takes alot of talent I would say to be a really good listener no matter who the person claiming to be a good listener is. It’s not an easy task at all to be or become a really good listener. It takes talent I would say to be or become a really good listener of others and all of what is said by those individuals. Words say an awful lot when you really focus on what is truly being said with those words.

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