This is how it’s going to be from here on out…nothing more nothing less. Got it?

It should have came to myself sooner out here than it all slowly coming to myself while it all just seems to hit myself and my head from out of the blue and at random odd times even. No worries there I guess right? Wrong! It’s not just that though even. You take the shit hitting my head from out of the blue is just a small part of it all. It’s as though God himself has been hitting myself over the head now as he tries getting my attention. Well God you have my full whole hearted attention. I know,I know what you are saying God that ” No weapon fashioned against myself shall prosper.” Lord not to doubt you it’s just that it was all taken (No actually it was all forced from myself and another individuals hands and safe keeping where it all should be too this day being kept and held and it all isn’t with an issue that pertains to myself being tossed up into the air diliberatly as well as on purpose with it being an issue of it being that whom ever had the whole mentally incompetent issue forced out of safe keeping hands and tossed up into the air to where the issue and matter is within my hands for the time being of which is where these fucks from what I can gather wants the matter to be. The issue should be in my mother’s hands of which come hell or high water is where the issue will eventually end up in the hands of again. It as well seems to myself that a certain individual again that’s known to myself has as well made a bodily threat of death to a certain individual that is near and dear to my heart (of which these fucks already know being that they are very,very close to myself in relation to these individuals following myself around town to the same places I end up at just coming up from behind myself with this individual John going to the same exact individual that I had just been to see and talk with. This individual had no qualms what so ever in discussing with this John guy character even the specifics of my conversation with this individual at this establishment in town. After giving the little bit of what I gave to this individual conversation wise and knowing that the individual shared it all concerning our meeting with this John character I DO NOT trust this individual now in any kind or sort of way! Who does that anyhow? Taking a private conversation (generally you expect that conversation to be kept quiet and private unless one of the two individuals says differently or there is some type of harm to an individual that can,would or has already been done to an individual and their life. The only other thing would be if there is any criminality involved in any kind or sort of way then as well that needs to be addressed as well. If the two individuals are just trying to keep things on a hush hush type of level and that’s all there is to it all then no foul committed,no harm done right? It’s all in wether or not things stay and are quiet throughout whatever ordeal that you may be facing. I don’t think,believe or rely to much on things being kept hush hush being that I believe that you are just playing a type of game of sorts right along with others who may very well be playing a type of their own game. Keeping secrets as well as keeping things quiet can and does alot of damage both good and bad. We all know that or at least should know it I would say. You have to wisely discern if what your keeping quiet is worth more in keeping it quiet to yourself and one other individual in regards to say like it possibly eating you up on the inside because you want to speak forth all of what you know and yet you can’t for fear that say, you will not be believed in any type of way or manner being that individuals have come along to ruin that for yourself. As well you could also take that initial meeting and talk that you may have had with an individual and at least show to this individual of whom you talked with and others that you yourself are not the type of individual as now I am %100 percent positive that for one I would never trust again with anything that I may discuss with an individual that they would not be that individual again! I felt so much like that I could fully trust this individual with the things I decided to discuss with them that I felt as though I could pour my heart out to them of which they would keep the things spoken of between the two of us quiet. Well on both ends I would say that for the most part that was and has been being done by both parties. So how is it that concerning another conversation between two individuals that took place behind closed doors and even in an controlled environment happen to be found out to begin with to where the contents of all of that were even found out you ask if you know anything of anything of what’s been going on with myself over the course (if you can believe it that is?) Of now going on the mark somewhere of being in the neighborhood of at around four to five years now. I feel that in various ways my voice was and has been taken (rather forced) from myself to where if I try to speak out on anything of what all that I have been forced to go through (coercion of the highest degree,gaslighting,intimidation of the highest degree,etc. Just all around all sorts and types of criminality going on) for quite a long period of time. NO MORE! This blog is my only outlet that I have now to myself that I can utilize in order to shed some light (hopefully alot of light?) on all that I have been subjected to intentionally endure and as well suffer through. It has not been at all fair in the least by any stretch of the imagination. The surveillance of all kinds and sorts that went on in order for a certain known individual to myself could find and locate myself for their sick,twisted,perverted agenda that they have in order for themselves to prey upon myself while all along having other avenues and ways at their disposal to get done what they need to get done. Well again I will say NO MORE! You want to have an individual fucked so bad that you will go out of your way to do just that then the problem is not with the individual that you are trying to have fucked. The problem lies within yourself with yourself hopefully asking the question of ” why am I such a terrible,fucked up,God awful kind of human being that I got to go around annihilating an individual and their life?” Who gave you that permission or right?

This shit needs to stop and desist! That is before someone ends up being seriously hurt in a mortal kind of way!

People are fucked up people

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