Roughing It

With #LockdownEasing, we'll be able to spend more time outside. However, for people facing #homelessness and #RoughSleeping, spending time outdoors is not a choice. Find out how you can help the vulnerable people on the streets 👇 — St Mungo's (@StMungos) April 19, 2021 Continue reading Roughing It

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img_20211008_131103_1623111626237817565080 Mom know this! I have no idea on how to go about proving things for you? I just know that I should not be the one for you to tell me to prove things. I’m your son in which on that note alone you should believe me. End of story. Continue reading img_20211008_131103_1623111626237817565080

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Free online therapy from my bud Goldblock. Let’s go!

This guy is phenomenal in his approach to counseling online. He knows the ropes with it all. He is very positive and caring in his approach with a client. He will show you how to go from being at your lowest of lows to your highest of your highs while climbing that mountain that seems to be in your way. He will help you to … Continue reading Free online therapy from my bud Goldblock. Let’s go!