Another long night

Well it is already 1:17 a.m. on a Morning “it’s morning already” you say? Well for your info it is still a Saturday night for myself. I seem to have gotten myself somehow mixed up in this loop of trouble and danger that no matter what I do or say it just is not good enough in the end of things. Oh yes there is … Continue reading Another long night

Waking up

Well this morning has been no different than any other morning has been for the last year I would say. I sat there thinking it was still a weekday for one. For another I had thoughts concerning a person swimming around in my brain. The thoughts never quite seem to leave me. They just grab me by the jugular squeezing ever so tightly with all … Continue reading Waking up

Out with it already

I’ve been debating on an issue of mine that is of quite importance to myself. I need/want to know if I should put out a story of sorts. It’s more that the whole entire situation is vitally important in the sense that I have been in and still am in a really fucked up position. Now I’m the first one to lay blame where blame … Continue reading Out with it already